Marisol is the main protagonist of Cutepasta(tv series).Marisol generally appears alongside her friends Jake, Lupe, Sofie,Eyeless Jorge, and her nemesis Lindsay, among others.

Cutepasta Marisol parody of Creepypasta Sally

Origin Edit

Design Edit

Since May 29, 2017, Cutepasta Network has been airing new 3-minute Cutepasta shorts, with animator Shaerilm at the helm, incorporating elements of Marisol's creepypasta look with a contemporary twist.

Appearance Edit

Marisol wears a sky blue dress with a tie string.Marisol has black hair in pigtails and tan skin. Her eyes are black.She also wears black shoes. Depending on the situation of the episode, Marisol will wears various outfits.

Personality Edit

Marisol is depicted as surreal and timid, artistic and eccentric.

Trivia Edit

  • Marisol is a cute-pasta version of Sally.