Marimela Ghostly Shorts is a two-hour television movie for The Ghostly Misadventures of Marimela. It premiered on July 15, 2017.

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Babysitting Abril Edit

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Circus of the Dead Edit

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Bad Luck Avocado Edit

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No Girls Allowed Edit

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Little Ghost Pepper of Horrors Edit

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Jose's Brain Edit

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Dream a Little Dream Edit

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  • "Babysitting Abril"
  • "Bad Luck Avocado"
  • Ghost Peanut Man
  • "No Girls Allowed"
  • Penelope(TGMOM)
  • "Little Ghost Pepper of Horrors"
  • Ghost Pepper
  • "Jose's Brain"
  • "Dream a Little Dream"

Trivia Edit

  • The titles of each episode are "Babysitting Abril"/"Circus of the Dead", "Bad Luck Avocado"/"No Girls Allowed", "Little Ghost Pepper of Horrors"/"Jose's Brain", and "Dream a Little Dream".